We are a dynamically developingcompany with reach smiting experience and long tradition.

Our business was established by my great-grandfather and handed over to the next generations.

During years of practice, we have developed our goldsmith'sart and refined the manual metal processing.

Currently our production in located in the workshop of my father-in-law, who has may years of experience on this field, confirmed by the title of Master of smithery and cooperation with training centers for young smiths.

We are high qualified in smithery, decorative trade and fitter's trade.

All elements are made by hand in our smithy according to traditional techniques.

Our reach work experience includes production of fences, gates, bars, wrought-iron banisters and lamps, fireplace sets, chandeliers and other decorative elements for home and garden.

For our clients we offer patterns form different regions of the world and individual projects on request.

Decorative smithery is our job and passion.

Discover the beauty of this trade! We invite you to use our services.





Our clients offer support and advice on a project performed - eg . The fence - at no extra cost . 
We also work designed by the designers of the investor as well as / g individual ideas customer.
The latter is particularly keen to implement due to customer satisfaction.



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